Every ghost story is a love story

Anonymous asked: 29?

29:Do you have a best friend?

other than my pets no not right now :(( but its ok :—)

thank u! <3

Anonymous asked: 18

18:5 favorite smells?


  1. apple cinnamon
  2. gasoline
  3. like this is hard to explain but like the smell of fall? i love it!
  4. blown out candles
  5. ANNNDDDDD freshly washed laundry :’)

thank u sm!!! xxo 

Anonymous asked: 31

31:Are you currently in a romantic relationship? If you are not in a romantic relationship, are you interested in one?

i am not :’( but yes def!!!!

thank u :’) <3

Anonymous asked: i sent you ask meme questions but you never answer them :((

AWW :( im so sorry!!!!!!!!! i forgot i reblogged those question things and i was on mobile so i didnt realize i got asks im so sorry!!!!!!! ill answer them now :’) love u im sorry <3



me: how much is this text book?

college bookstore: how much u got?

to all the new college freshman, you can get all your books on amazon (and you get 3 months of prime free with your .edu email). Saves me $100+ each semester